2018/06/15 ITE Tech. Inc. Delivers -25°C ~ +70°C EPD (e-paper) Timing Controller to Support Outdoor Application PRODUCT NEWS

ITE Tech. Inc. delivers EPD (e-paper) timing controller IT8951E-64W supporting -25°C ~ +70°C operating temperature and cooperates with medium/large-sized e-paper to provide a new solution for system in low-temperature or high-temperature outdoor environment.

 One characteristic of e-paper is reflected by the ambient light. The more sunlight, the more clear e-paper looks. In addition, e-paper consumes power only when image is changed. While e-paper is stationary and no power is consumed. Therefore, e-paper is very suitable for outdoor digital signage application. In order to make the e-paper signage apply to low-temperature or high-temperature outdoor environment, the previous solution is to set heating or heat dissipation mechanism in the system, which takes higher cost and is inconvenient for maintenance.

 IT8951E-64W EPD (e-paper) timing controller supports negative operating temperature -25°C ~ +70°C and cooperates with e-paper to reduce the cost of outdoor signage system and simplify maintenance. So that e-paper signage can be expanded into low-temperature or high-temperature areas.