Video Link / MHL

IT6811G : MHL Low Power Transmitter

The IT6811 is a high-performance and low-power single channel MHL transmitter, fully compliant with MHL 2.0 and HDCP 1.4 specifications. Two major features of MHL2.0, 3D and PackedPixel mode, are also supported by IT6811, which enables direct 3D displays through an MHL link and is able to support HD video timing up to 1080P@60Hz.

The IT6811 is designed to provide the most cost-effective MHL solutions for mobile applications, such as mobile phones, tablets and portable consumer electronics devices. To reduce the BOM cost of whole system, the IT6811 contains two embedded switches, one for MHL/USB high speed differential pair and one for low speed CBUS/USBID. System maker can share a low pin-count mobile connector to MHL and USB protocol directly without external switches.

Aside from the various video output formats supported, the IT6811 also supports 2 channels of I2S digital audio or up to 8 channel using TDM interface, with sampling rate up to 192kHz and sample size up to 24 bits. IT6811 also support S/PDIF input of up to 192kHz sampling rate.

The newly digital audio format, High-Bit Rate (HBR) audio, is also supported by the IT6811 through S/PDIF input port. The highest possible HBR frame rate is supported at up to 768kHz

By default the IT6811 comes with integrated HDCP ROMs which are pre-programmed with HDCP keys that ensures secure digital content transmission. Users need not worry about the procurement and maintenance of the HDCP keys.

The IT6811 also provides a complete solution of Remote Control Protocol (RCP) and UTF-8 Character Protocol (UCP) function. This RCP feature of MHL specification allows the user to control RCP-enabled devices through MHL cable and UCP feature realizes the transmission of Unicode. With IT6811 embedded RCP/UCP hardware, user can use high-level software API to easily implement all the necessary remote control commands.


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