List of Major Shareholders

April 23, 2022 Unit: Share

Name of major shareholder Representative Shares Shareholding ratio (%)
UMC Hong, Jia-cong 13,959,978 8.66
Hu, Chun-yang 1,985,361 1.23
BANK TAIWAN LIFE INSURANCE CO., LTD. Liu, Yu-zhi 1,800,000 1.12
Vanguard Emerging Markets Stock Index Fund Account in custody of J.P. Morgan Asset Management 1,727,000 1.07
Hsien-Jin Star Fund Series–Advanced International ETF Investment Account in custody of JP Morgan Chase Bank Taipei Branch 1,662,399 1.03
Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank Co., Ltd Chen, Sheng-de 1,440,000 0.89
Tong-An Investment Co., Ltd Huang, Mao-xiong 1,076,000 0.67
Rui Meng  Financial Advisory Co., Ltd. Chen, Ru-xiong 1,062,283 0.66
JIA YUAN Investment Co., Ltd. Shen, Xian-he 1,000,000 0.62
Hsun Chieh Investment Co., Ltd Guan, Jun 999,728 0.62


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