Salary & Benefits

ITE values all employees and offers a complete salary and benefit system with the idea of profit sharing to recruit, retain, develop and motivate the excellent talent.

Salary and Bonus
Competitive 12 months salary
Spring Festival, Dragon Boat Festival,and Mid-Autumn Festival Bonus(Based on company operational performance)
Profit sharing bonus (depending on company’s operating performance, team performance and personal performance)
Performance reward (depending on company’s operating performance, team performance and personal performance)
Patent bonus(Encourage employees to innovate)
Long service reward
Referral bonuses
Health Care
Labor insurance and Health insurance
Personal Group Insurance coverage
(including Life insurance, Accident insurance, Hospital medical insurance, Accident medical insurance, Cancer insurance, Occupational accident insurance)
Preferential family group insurance
Overseas business trip travel insurance
Free annual health exams
Benefits and Measures
Gift certificates for Spring Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, and Labor Day
Birthday gift certificate
Cash gifts for marriage and child birth
Employee hospitalization condolence allowance
Self-help Travel subsidy
Scholarships for children of employees
Subsidy for divisions’ meal gatherings
Subsidy for social clubs’ activities
All kinds of holidays are granted according to the law
Retirement System
To take care of employees’ life after the retirement, ITE allocates 6% of the salary monthly to every employee’s retirement account in the Bureau of Labor Insurance. We will also assist in voluntary submission in accordance with the wishes of each employee. For the employees entitled to the Labor Pension Act regulated in the Labor Standards Act, ITE follows the regulation to allocate 2% of the salary monthly as the retirement reserve fund, which is saved in the Taiwan Bank’s special account in the name of the Supervisory Committee of Workers’ Retirement Fund.


ITE complies with Taiwan’s Personal Information Protection Act to collect, process, use and protect personal information and will not take the initiative to acquire your personal data. The data you provide will be managed in compliant with the related laws and regulations and in the principle of our company’s information management, which employs the firewall, intrusion detecting system and virus protection mechanism to avoid the illegal hacking and damage from the malicious software.