Sustainable Environment

Based on caring about the earth and protecting the environment, all the staffs in our company deeply understand the importance of the limited resources on the earth and forever management. Thus, we commit to have the belief of pollution preventing and steady improvement and start the activities of the environment management system following the principles below:
  • Meet the demand of the environmental protection laws and make efforts in the idea of pollution preventing.
  • Abide by the environment management system and push the environment improvement steadily.
  • Develop the product with green concept and reduce the impact on environment ecology.
  • Propel the environmental protection training and do the environmental communication appropriately.
Pollution preventing
For archive the efforts in reducing carbon emission to make the world a greener place, ITE truly executes separate garbage, recyclables, save water, electricity, and hazardous industrial waste management.
Hazardous Substances Management
For meet international regulations and customer requirements, ITE continues to update the new hazardous substances and regularly monitor the compliance of suppliers.
  • Comply with EU RoHS Directive
  • Comply with EU REACH Regulations
  • Comply with Halogen-free products
  • SONY Green Partner certified
Environment education training
ITE provides relative environmental training courses with the environmental protection laws and hazardous substances control for promoting employees’ cognition.
Non-use conflict Mineral commitment
  • ITE and its suppliers abide by non-use conflict minerals policy of the EICC code of conduct,
  • Not use conflict minerals (such as Gold (Au), Tantalum (Ta), Tin (Sn), Tungsten (W)) originated from the conflict region so as to protect miners’ human right, health, and natural resources.
  • ITE requests its suppliers to provide “RMI_CMRT Conflict Minerals Reporting Template”, and confirms the origin of the metals used, e.g. Au , Ta , Sn , and W.
  • ITE also requests its suppliers to convey similar request to their suppliers.


ITE complies with Taiwan’s Personal Information Protection Act to collect, process, use and protect personal information and will not take the initiative to acquire your personal data. The data you provide will be managed in compliant with the related laws and regulations and in the principle of our company’s information management, which employs the firewall, intrusion detecting system and virus protection mechanism to avoid the illegal hacking and damage from the malicious software.