Date Important resolutions
2023-11-07 1. Recognition of 2023Q3 Financial Statements 2. Audit Plans of 2024 3.Approval the provision rate of employee compensation of 2023。 4. Revision the issuance regulations for Employee Restricted 5.Formulation the Risk Management Policies and procedures。
2023-08-09 1. Recognition of 2023Q2 Financial Statements 2. Amendments to Corporate Governance principles 3 Formulation the issuance regulations for Employee Restricted Shares of 2023。 4.Approval the quato granted to managers when issuing Employee Restricted Shares of 2023。
2023-06-16 1.Hu.Chun-Yang was elected as the Chairman by the board of Directors 2. Appointed all the independend directors as the members of the 5th term of Remuneration Committee
2023-05-04 Recognition of 2023Q1 Financial Statements.
2023-02-23 1.The amount of director remuneration and employee compensation for the year 2023 2.Recognition of 2022 Business Report and Financial Statement 3.Recognition of 2022 Earnings distribution 4.Cash Dividend from Capital Surplus 5. The date and agenda of the 2023 General Shareholders’ Meeting. 6. Appointed Ernst & Young Accounting Firm to provide attestation for the Company's 2023 financial statements 7. To issue Employee Restricted Shares


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