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IT9300 : USB Bridge and TS Aggregator

IT9300 is a series of highly integrated TS aggregator with versatile output interfaces and multiple MPEG2-TS inputs to aim for ultra-low power USB bridge applications and multi-standard applications. IT9300 offers very low total BOM (Bill Of Material) solutions.  IT9300 requires only one power regulator and one crystal to further simplify the system design and reduce the system cost.  The ultra-low power consumption feature of the IT9300 makes it the perfect choice for many kinds of multi-standard applications. IT9300 series also supports lots of output interfaces, including embedded USB 2.0 interface, and serial/parallel MPEG2-TS interface.
IT9300 provides a flexible AES128 encoding to protect MPEG2-TS data.
IT9300 provides PCR re-stamping. This feature is necessary for applications which will aggregate multiple MPEG-2 Transport Streams.
A complete set of application programming interface (API) is available, facilitating fast and easy integration into products on Windows 7, Windows XP, Vista, Linux, and many other operating systems.  Furthermore, a complete set of USB drivers on Windows 7/XP/Vista with Microsoft BDA (Broadcast Driver Architecture) compliant are provided for IT9300.