Video Link / MIPI

IT6161: MIPI to HDMI Converter

The IT6161 is a high-performance and low-power MIPI to HDMI converter, fully compliant with MIPI D-PHY 1.1, DSI 1.1 and HDMI 1.4b, HDCP 1.4 and backward compatible to DVI 1.0 specifications. The IT6161 supports four lanes MIPI RX and HDMI TX interface. The data transfer rate of MIPI RX is up to 1Gbps per lane.

IT6161 support MIPI DSI packed pixel stream 24-bit RGB888 ,loosely packed pixel stream 18-bit RGB666 and packed pixel stream 18-bit RGB666 mode, the sync even short packets can be received and generate HSync and VSync by firmware setting. A Pattern Generator is embedded in the IT6161 and thus the video data and timing can be easily switched from external MIPI RX to internal pattern generator for testing.

MIPI input 1/2/4-lane swap and HDMI output channel swap and PN swap can be controlled separately for flexible circuit layout.

Aside from the various video output formats supported, the IT6161 also supports 8 channels of I2S digital audio, with sampling rate up to 192kHz and sample size up to 24 bits. IT6161 also support S/PDIF input of up to 192kHz sampling rate.

The newly supported High-Bit Rate (HBR) audio by HDMI Specifications v1.4b is provided by the IT6161 in two interfaces: with the four I2S input ports or the S/PDIF input port. With both interfaces the highest possible HBR frame rate is supported at up to 768kHz

By default the IT6161 comes with integrated HDCP ROMs which are pre-programmed with HDCP keys that ensures secure digital content transmission. Users need not worry about the procurement and maintenance of the HDCP keys.

The IT6161 also provides a complete solution of Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) function. This optional CEC feature of HDMI specification allows the user to control two or more CEC-enabled devices through HDMI network. With IT6161 embedded CEC PHY, user can use high-level software API to easily implement all the necessary remote control commands. The CEC bus related protocol is handled by the CEC PHY which eliminates extra loading of the MCU.

IT6161 provide I2C interface for firmware setting . Please refer to the IT6161 Programming Guide if necessary.