Video Link / MIPI

IT6122: MIPI to LVDS Converter

The IT6122 is a high-performance and low-power MIPI to LVDS converter, fully compliant with MIPI D-PHY 1.1, DSI 1.1 and LVDS specifications. The IT6122 supports four lanes MIPI RX and 2-Link LVDS TX interface. The data transfer rate of MIPI RX is up to 1Gbps per lane and the LVDS TX supports as high as 1.05Gbps per channel.

IT6122 support MIPI DSI packed pixel stream 24-bit RGB888 ,loosely packed pixel stream 18-bit RGB666 and packed pixel stream 18-bit RGB666 mode, the sync even short packets can be received and generate HSync and VSync by firmware setting. A Pattern Generator is embedded in the IT6122 and thus the video data and timing can be easily switched from external MIPI RX to internal pattern generator for testing. The 18 bits or 24 bits LVDS data by VESA mode or JIDEA mode can output by 1 or 2 LVDS link.

MIPI input 1/2/4-lane swap and LVDS output link swap, channel swap and PN swap can be controlled separately for flexible circuit layout.

IT6122 provide I2C interface for firmware setting . Please refer to the IT6122 Programming Guide if necessary.