Video Link / HDMI

IT6622: HDMI1.4 Tx with eARC RX and Embedded MCU

The IT6622 is a HDMI1.4 Tx with eARC receiver function which supports maximum signaling rate up to 3Gbps/channel. It is compliant to the latest HDMI1.4b specification and backward compatible to the DVI specifications. With 3Gbps/channel capability, the IT6622 can support ultra-high resolution content streams, such as 4Kx2K@30Hz video formats.

An embedded pattern generator in IT6622 could be used to generate internal video stream which is merged to the external audio stream generated by audio encoder function to form a complete HDMI output signal.

The IT6622 TX port contains an audio receiver designed for HDMI2.1 Enhanced Audio Return Channel (eARC) and it is also backward compatible to the HDMI1.4 Audio Return Channel (ARC). When operating in eARC mode, the Differential Mode Audio Channel (DMAC) bandwidth, i.e. 98.304Mbps, allows receiving 8-channel 192K audio from HDMI Sink. No video stream and CEC function is required when eARC link is active.

The IT6622 also builds in HDCP1.4 hardware engines. Each IT6622 chip comes preprogrammed with an unique HDCP key, in compliance with the HDCP 1.4 standard so as to provide secure transmission of high-definition content. Users of the IT6622 need not purchase any HDCP keys or ROMs.

The IT6622 also provides a complete solution of Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) function. This optional CEC feature of HDMI specification allows the user to control two or more CEC-enabled devices through HDMI network. With IT6622 embedded CEC PHY, user can use high-level software API to easily implement all the necessary remote control commands. The CEC bus related protocol is handled by the CEC PHY which eliminates extra loading of the MCU.

With embedded MCU and Flash. Customers need no external Flash and MCU, that can save the BOM cost and board size.