Video Link / HDMI

IT66021FN: Single-port HDMI 1.4 Receiver with 3D Support

The IT66021FN is a single-port HDMI receiver, which is fully compatible with HDMI 1.4b, HDMI 1.4b 3D and HDCP 1.4, and also backward compatible with DVI 1.0 specifications. With its Deep Color capability (up to 36-bit), the IT66021FN ensures robust reception of high-quality uncompressed video content. The IT66021FN also supports all the primary 3D formats which are compliant with the HDMI 1.4b 3D specification.

Aside from the various video output formats supported, the IT66021FN also receives and provides up to 4 channels of I2S digital audio outputs, with sampling rate of up to 192 kHz and sample size of up to 24 bits, facilitating direct connection to industry-standard low-cost audio DACs. Also, an S/PDIF output is provided to support up to compressed audio of 192 kHz frame rate. 

Each IT66021FN comes preprogrammed with a unique HDCP key, in compliance with the HDCP 1.4 standard so as to provide secure transmission of high-definition content. Users of the IT66021FN need not purchase any HDCP keys or ROMs.