Video Link / High-Speed ADC/DAC

CAT9883C 150MSPS Triple 8-bit Video A/D Data Converter

A top-notch video analog front-end, the CAT9883C converts RGB or YUV triple analog video inputs into 8-bit digital outputs. Specifically, it works to convert analog inputs to digital outputs at up to 8 bits/150MSPS, which means it supports 1080P video format out of the box.

The CAT9883C integrates three ADCs with programmable gain control, PLL, clamp control and offset cancellation. The robust PLL design, which delivers high precision and low jitter, generates pixel clocks from 12MHz to 150MHz. It also supports full sync processing for composite sync and sync-on-green graphic applications.

Equipped with auto-calibration function for ADC inter-channel offset and gain mismatch, the CAT9883C is free of any external adjustment for the sake of color balancing.

The CAT9883C also offers full sync processing for composite sync and sync-on-green applications. Clamp and COAST signals are generated internally or may be provided by the user through Clamp and COAST pin.

The CAT9883C is fabricated in 0.35um mixed-mode CMOS process and available in 80-lead LQFP package.