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IT6151FN : MIPI to eDP Converter

The IT6151 is a high-performance and low-power MIPI to eDP converter, fully compliant with MIPI D-PHY 1.1, DSI 1.1 and eDP 1.3 specifications. The IT6151 supports four lanes MIPI RX and four lane eDP TX interface. The data transfer rate of MIPI RX is up to 1Gbps per lane and both RBR/HBR are supported by eDP TX interface.

To reduce the power consumption, Panel Self Refresh (PSR) function is supported by the IT6151. Various low power options are implemented to reduce the dynamic operation power when PSR function is enabled. Dedicated hardware pin or firmware control through I2C can easy set the IT6151 to standby mode which is the extremely low-power state used for no display condition. With flexible MIPI RX and eDP TX lane configurations, system can adopt the most adequate configuration for the selected display resolution. All the unused lanes can be set to power down mode to save further power.

The IT6151 provides a user-friendly firmware interface to control the eDP panel through MCCS. The DPCD registers can also be easily accessed by native AUX read/write commands. To assure the protected content is being sent to eDP panel other than a non-HDCP external DP sink, Alternative Scrambler Seed Reset (ASSR) and Alternative Framing are also supported by the IT6151. With 6x6mm small package and low power consumption, the IT6151 is suitable for mobile products nowadays.