Analog IC / Capacitive Sensing (button)

IT7236: touch button controllers

The IT7236, one MCU-base programmable controller with capacitance sensors, is used to implement functions such as buttons, scroll bars, and wheels. One single electrode capacitance-to-digital converter (CDC) is integrated into this controller. This chip also includes one powerful twin-turbo 8051 CPU along with one 8K bytes of e-Flash ROM to support customer-specified features.

The IT7236 also provides a post-processing with CDC, and it can automatically calibrate and compensate the front-end CDC values for environmental changes. It also modifies the threshold and sensitivity levels automatically. The chip supports one interrupt output indicated that the CDC value over the user programming sensitivity level.

The IT7236 supports one I2C compatible interface to communicate with the host. Through this interface, the host can program the internal controlled registers to configure this chip to meet users’ requirements. Furthermore, GPIO and PWM-Based current-control functions are supported to indicate the specific status or LED dimming by the user’s definition.