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IT8760E: LPC to Com port I/O

The IT8760E is a highly integrated Super I/O using the Low Pin Count Interface. It provides the most simply used legacy Super I/O functionality plus four 16C550 standard compatible enhanced UARTs. The device’s LPC interface complies with Intel “LPC Interface Specification Rev. 1.1”.

Integrated in the IT8760E are five logical devices, which can be individually enabled or disabled via software configuration registers, and four 16C550 standard compatible enhanced UARTs performing asynchronous communication. The device also features three GPIO ports controlling up to six GPIO pins, GP15, GP30, GP31, GP34, GP35 and GP41.

The IT8760E utilizes power-saving circuitry to reduce power consumption, and once a logical device is disabled, the inputs are inhibited with the clock disabled and the outputs are tri-stated. The device requires a single 24/48 MHz clock input and operates with +5V power supply. Additionally, the IT8760E supports wide operation temperature ranging from -40°C to 100°C.and is available in 48-pin LQFP