2020/01/13 ITE’s EPD Timing Controller is adopted by iReader Technology PRODUCT NEWS

ITE’s IT8951 EPD Timing Controller is adopted in the new series of eReaders by iReader Technology, a professional digital reading service provider. For the system upgrade, IT8951 features the design flexibility to be implemented with diverse SoC. iReader integrates technology and culture to provide global users with rich reading content and innovative intelligent experience. It is a great honor for ITE to cooperate with iReader and make reading everywhere.

2019/02/22 ITE is going to start cooperating with INELTEK GmbH, a world-renowned company in the e-paper application field and headquartered in Europe. PRODUCT NEWS
ITE is going to start cooperating with INELTEK GmbH, a world-renowned company in the e-paper application field and headquartered in Europe. INELTEK GmbH is very experienced in the e-paper technology and business. It is expected that the market share of ITE’s IT8951 series EPD (Electronic Paper Display) hardware timing controller will be expanded after the coming cooperation. With the built-in 32/64Mb SDRAM, IT8951 can support the EPD resolution up to 2048x2048 and EPD size from 4” to 42”. Benefiting from INELTEK GmbH’s outstanding technical support and design reference, customers can shorten time to market for their products with the advantages of making the design easier and learning cycle reduced after the adoption of IT8951 series to various EPD applications.
2018/06/15 ITE Tech. Inc. Delivers -25°C ~ +70°C EPD (e-paper) Timing Controller to Support Outdoor Application PRODUCT NEWS

ITE Tech. Inc. delivers EPD (e-paper) timing controller IT8951E-64W supporting -25°C ~ +70°C operating temperature and cooperates with medium/large-sized e-paper to provide a new solution for system in low-temperature or high-temperature outdoor environment.

 One characteristic of e-paper is reflected by the ambient light. The more sunlight, the more clear e-paper looks. In addition, e-paper consumes power only when image is changed. While e-paper is stationary and no power is consumed. Therefore, e-paper is very suitable for outdoor digital signage application. In order to make the e-paper signage apply to low-temperature or high-temperature outdoor environment, the previous solution is to set heating or heat dissipation mechanism in the system, which takes higher cost and is inconvenient for maintenance.

 IT8951E-64W EPD (e-paper) timing controller supports negative operating temperature -25°C ~ +70°C and cooperates with e-paper to reduce the cost of outdoor signage system and simplify maintenance. So that e-paper signage can be expanded into low-temperature or high-temperature areas.

2015/12/03 DTV surveillance solution showed its uniqueness in CPSE show COMPANY NEWS

CPSE, world’s biggest security exhibition, was held from Oct. 29 to Nov. 1, 2015, in Shenzen, China.  This year, more than 1500 companies from 150 countries presented their latest security and surveillance products and solutions.
ccHDTV Alliance members A-Tec Subsystem, Inc. (, Fuho Technology Co., Ltd. (, and Ubiquity Smart Technology,  Inc.( also jointly showcased their world leading DTV surveillance products.  The main themes of ccHDTV Alliance’s booth included multiple 4K videos over one coaxial cable and long-distance wireless surveillance cameras.  The members also exhibited solutions for wide-area, long-distance, and global surveillance system de-ployment.
The founding member of ccHDTV Alliance, ITE Technologies, Inc. (, is a public fabless IC design company in Taiwan.  ITE’s ccHDTV chipset is the core of all DTV surveillance products.  ITE’s unique and robust digital transmission technology allows DTV surveillance products to send digital video and audio farther than 1km on a 5C-2V coaxial cable without any repeaters.  In addition, as many as 16 digital videos can be daisy-chained onto one single coaxial cable using inexpensive cable-TV power splitters.  These unique capabilities enable easy integration of DTV surveillance products into digital security systems, IoT, or cloud applications.

Alliance Logo/4K Image

Multiple 4K Videos over One Coax:
Ultra HD DTV surveillance products showcased in CPSE include 4K DTV Cam and 4K DTV DVR.  DTV surveillance system is the only solution capable of simultaneously delivering multiple digital 4K videos over one coaxial cable.  Just like IP cameras, DTV surveillance cameras send digital video using digital transmission.  Thus, unlike analog and analog HD cameras, the video quality of DTV cameras is insensitive to the quality and length of the coaxial cable.

Long Distance Wireless Surveillance:
Because DTV cameras use coded OFDM for transmission, they can also be used for wireless surveillance.  DTV wireless products can achieve a transmission distance of up to 500 meters in an open space.  The products are good for places where cable installation is difficult, for example, seashores, mountain areas, construction sites, etc.

Smart Single Coax Transmission:
The reputed surveillance maker, Fuho Technology Co., is an early adaptor of the ccHDTV surveillance technology.  Fuho has manufactured many models of DTV Cams and DTV DVR’s using ITE’s chipset.  At CPSE, Fuho exhibited their DTV surveillance solutions for multiple 1080P@30fps and 1080P@60fps video transmission over a single 1 km 5C-2V coaxial cable without any repeaters.

Wide-Area and Long Distance Solutions:
A-    Tec Subsystems exhibited their DTV surveillance products with power over coaxial cable ( POC).  The power, video, and control signals are all multiplexed in one cable, thus enabling the so-called “one-cable solution.” This solution is best for places where electrical infrastructure is limited.  With 5C2V cable, the transmission distance can reach 1 km without any repeaters.  And if optical fiber is used, then the video can be transmitted as far as 50km.  This meets the security requirements for very large installation sites or very remote sites, such as farms, forests, and amusement parks.

Multinational Global Business:
UST Inc. demonstrated three killer products at the show: the 16-channel V100 Series, 32-channel P100 Series, and 64-channel E100 Series hybrid (IP+DTV) DVR’s.  These hybrid DVR’s constitute a suite of scalable products that matches the growth of companies from small to large and local to worldwide.



2015/06/17 ccHDtv in Europe! Visit ccHDtv at booth G250 at IFSEC 2015, London, UK ( COMPANY NEWS

Date:June 16~18, 2015.

Location:ExCeL, London.

Booth No.:G250.

DTV CAM -- a digital HD product choice besides IP CAM.

For the first time, ITE is bringing to IFSEC a complete DTV CAM product portfolio. DTV CAM product providers including A-Tec Subsystem, FUHO Technology, Stardot Technologies, and UST will also attend. ITE will also showcase multiple 4K videos over on cable using DTV CAM in the exhibition.

ITE website: ccHDtv website:

2015/04/23 [Exhibition] ccHDtv in Secutech2015. Visit us at booth 3622 during April 28-30 at Taipei, Taiwan. COMPANY NEWS

DTV CAM -- a digital HD product choice besides IP CAM.

ITE is bringing to Secutech2015 a complete DTV CAM product portfolio. DTV CAM product providers including A-Tec Subsystem, FUHO Technology, Pacidal, Sunmore, and UST will also join. ITE will also showcase multiple 4K videos over on cable using DTV CAM in the exhibition.

We are looking forward to seeing you during 2015 Secutech.

ITE website: ccHDtv website:

Secutech 2015 Information (

Date & Time

2015/4/28-29 (Tue, Wed), 10am - 6pm

2015/4/30 (Thu), 10am - 5pm


Taipei World Trade Center, Nangang, 4F


No.1, Jingmao 2nd Rd., Nangang District, Taipei City 11568, Taiwan

Booth Number


HD-over-Coax Live Demo

Refer to the following webpage for most updated information:

CompoSec 2015 Conference

Refer to the following webpage for most updated information:




Dr. Yumin Lee

ITE Tech. Inc

ccHDtv – A New Way to Digital HD Surveillance

Ares Hu, President

Ubiquity Smart Technology Inc.

Benefits of Seamless (ccHDtv+IP+Analog) Surveillance Solution

Yeni Ouyang, Project Director

Institute for information Industry.

Technology of Industry IoT & ccHDtv application


Floor Map

2015/04/10 [Exhibition] ccHDtv in US. Visit us at booth 2128 during April 15-17 at ISC West 2015. COMPANY NEWS

ccHDtv in US! Visit ccHDtv at booth 2128 at ISC West 2015, Las Vegas, NV, USA (

Date:April 15~17, 2015.

Location:Sands Expo.

Booth No.:2128.

DTV CAM -- a digital HD product choice besides IP CAM.

For the first time, ITE is bringing to ISC West a complete DTV CAM product portfolio. DTV CAM product providers including A-Tec Subsystem, FUHO Technology, Pacidal, Sunmore, and UST will also attend. ITE will also showcase multiple 4K videos over on cable using DTV CAM in the exhibition.

ITE website: ccHDtv website:

2015/01/13 ccHDtv alliance was founded COMPANY NEWS

ccHDtv alliance was founded on November 15, 2014. The members include ITE, Vacron, GKB, StarDot, Sunmore, a-tec, Pacidal, Ubiquity Smart, etc. The alliance started officially on January 1st, 2015, and H. Y. Lin, ITE 's president, is the first chairman.

2014/02/25 Welcome to visit ccHDtv booth and experience its innovative solutions featuring multi-channel HD video over one cable during March 19~21 at Secutech Expo 2014. COMPANY NEWS

Welcome to visit our ccHDtv booth at Secutech Expo 2014. ( )

Time:March 19~21, 2014

Location:Taipei World Center, Nangang Exhibition Hall, Taiwan

Booth No.:#3622 (4F)

ITE will present ccHDtv solutions for digital HD video surveillance system at Sectuech Expo 2014.

There will be ccHDtv Camera, DVR, NVR and Video Server exhibited as well as demonstrations of upgrading solutions for remaining the use of the existing cable. Furthermore, ITE will also present the newly developed solution for ccHDtv 4Kx2K camera. You can experience its macroevolution in transmitting full HD digital video in ccHDtv surveillance system featuring multi-channel HD video over one cable.

ITE website-          ccHDtv website -

2013/07/09 聯陽發表全新MHL-to-HDMI轉換控制方案 PRODUCT NEWS

目前家用平面電視的尺寸越來越大,加上智慧型手機越來越普及,採用手機上網觀看電影、查詢資訊的使用者越來越多,因此將手機內容傳送至大螢幕畫面的需求也開始強勁,手機傳輸介面的發展也趨向單一接口與高畫質要求,MHL(Mobile High-Definition Link)介面應運而生。MHL可藉由MicroUSB接頭,傳送1080P@60Hz高畫質影片,包括影像及聲音,且MHL具有充電功能,增加行動裝置電池續航力的方便性,因此包括電視機、手機與平板大廠已逐漸導入MHL技術。
繼MHL 2.1傳輸器控制晶片IT6811, 聯陽半導體再次宣布推出符合MHL 2.1最新規格的MHL-to-HDMI轉換控制晶片系列,此系列包含了IT66332(3-to-1 MHL轉HDMI切換器控制晶片)與IT6861 (MHL-to-HDMI轉換器控制晶片)。IT66332及IT6861主要應用在平面電視或LCD投影機,可讓顯示裝置升級到具有直接接收手機端傳出的MHL影音訊號的功能,不再需經過dongle來轉換。 IT66332及IT6861符合最新HDMI1.4及MHL2.1”雙規格”輸入(dual mode input )與最高3G bps的訊號傳輸率,在HDMI輸入方面可支援4K2K影像格式,也可達到1080P@120Hz及1080P3D@60Hz frame rate,在MHL輸入方面,也可支援MHL的 PackedPixel Mode以達到1080P@60Hz的傳輸。為了完成好用的remote控制,IT66332及IT6861提供了完整的HDMI CEC與MHL RCP(Remote Control Protocol)功能,可讓使用者以high-level software API完成所有的remote control功能,使用者可以很方便的透過電視搖控器來控制手機的功能。IT66332還內嵌了EDID RAM以節省需要外掛的EDID ROM,並且也已經通過了MHL 2.0 CTS的Sink Device認證。
IT66332採用9mmx9mm 64pin LQFP包裝,IT6861採用9mmx9mm 48pin LQFP包裝,兩者從今年3月開始已提供樣品給客戶,陸續完成設計準備開始量產。
聯陽以自有高速傳輸技術開發完成一系列的HDMI、DisplayPort等產品,已獲得許多電視、電腦、顯示器、消費性裝置等廠商採用,更被許多公司拿來做相容性熱插拔測試的指標。聯陽此番推出IT66332及IT6861等符合MHL 2.1規格的MHL-to-HDMI轉換控制晶片系列,加上今年初已有MHL TX, IT6811、HDMI2MHL, IT6681等一系列產品的發布,代表著聯陽High Speed Link產品線已跨足進入廣大的手機市場領域。有關聯陽的公司概況及產品介紹請參考聯陽網站 ( China ) ( Global ) ( Taiwan )

2013/02/25 Welcome to visit ccHDtv booth and experience its innovative features at Secutech Expo 2013 COMPANY NEWS

Welcome to visit our ccHDtv booth at Secutech Expo 2013( )

Time:April 24~26, 2013

Location:Taipei World Center, Nangang Exhibition Hall, Taiwan

Booth No.:M316 (4F)

ITE will be presenting ccHDtv solutions for digital surveillance system at Sectuech Expo 2013. Based on our real demonstration of ccHDtv system at the booth, you can experience its innovative features and believe ccHDtv is the macroevolution of cctv indeed. (ccHDtv website - )

2012/12/12 聯陽半導體『ccHDtv-高清數位監視系統解決方案』新產品發表會 COMPANY NEWS


在類比電視時代,CVBS(Composite Video Baseband Signal)是通用的信號格式,它也被用來當類比式監視系統(CCTV)的信號標準;當數位電視(DTV)逐漸取代類比電視成為全球趨勢,正如CVBS 作為類比式監視系統中的信號標準,以DTV技術來扮演同樣的角色於數位式監視系統中是理所當然的事。
聯陽半導體過去鑽研數位電視接收晶片已經有許多年,相關產品如可持式數位電視、NB dongle及機上盒的出貨量已經有幾千萬顆的實績,憑此技術基礎,聯陽思考憑藉以DTV技術來開發下一世代的數位式監視系統,經過幾年的研究,終於開發出以DTV技術為核心的數位式監視系統的全新規格,聯陽名之為『ccHDtv架構』。


ccHDtv (高清閉路電視系統)是一套針對攝影機、傳輸技術、儲存設備等新發展出來的高清影像監視系統 解決方案,利用數位電視技術將數位高清(High Definition)影像信號在同軸電纜、傳輸雙絞線上傳送,亦可以無線傳輸方式傳送;經實際證明,多路的1080p30或1080p60影像透過 ccHDtv技術可以容易地在一條傳統的3C2V/RG59同軸電纜上同時序列傳送,在無中繼器(repeater)輔助的情況下,傳輸距離仍可長達 500公尺。ccHDtv信號採用H.264壓縮技術經廣播式傳輸,不僅解決了CCTV閉路電視系統中高清影像傳輸的困難,同時也減輕儲存設備端的容量需 求,將使監視系統高清化在影像傳輸與後端儲存方面變得輕鬆容易,在工程安裝或操作使用上幾乎與傳統cctv系統一樣,對於想追求高畫質監控又不願重新佈線 或對網路穩定性有疑慮的使用者來說,ccHDtv將是一個最佳選擇。


1. 運用數位電視技術,家中數位電視某一頻道即可當作監視器用,非常平民化
2. 數位電視通訊協定的本質具有極強悍的抗雜訊與抗多路徑干擾的錯誤修正能力,因此類比監視系統升級到高清水準,仍可續用原來cctv老舊接頭與纜線,升級無須換線
3. 工程規劃布線安裝猶如傳統cctv系統的作業方式,迎合傳統安裝者
4. 提供通訊安全性之傳輸資料加解密功能(Data Encryption)以及避免訊號因被剪線而中斷之傳輸線双重化(Cable Redundancy)設計
5. 信號傳輸利用廣播式傳輸原理,運用不同載波,單一傳輸線可具有高通道容量,理論值可傳送超過100台高清的影像信號於單一傳輸線上
6. 無須輔助中繼器,傳輸距離即可長達500米以上
7. 支援聲音與控制回傳功能(Return channel),配合DVR操控需求
8. 可支援多種傳輸介質,有線無線皆可用,利於布建規劃
9. 提供DTV轉接器,方便現存不同監控技術的攝影機無需汰換即可整合至ccHDtv架構
10. 提供DTV網路橋接器,可與網路接軌,利於ccHDtv與現存IP監控系統整合


DTV CAM:支援ccHDtv標準的攝影機
DTV HD DVR:支援ccHDtv標準的儲存設備(HD DVR)
DTV HUB:類比(CVBS) / DTV之轉換設備,讓既存的類比攝影機透過此HUB轉換升級為DTV CAM
DTV Gateway:DTV CAM橋接至IP Network,使DTV CAM就可成為現存IP監控系統的Device亦具有 IP CAM功能與網路接軌。


隨著生活日益重視城市安全及家居安全,安全監控系統的技術發展推陳出新,諸如數位化後的DVR監控系統、網路攝影機(IP camera)的IP監控系統架構以及韓國業者主推的HDcctv架構(HD-SDI)。
安控產業是屬於封閉市場,大體而言,類比式cctv監控系統由於傳統安裝習慣的因素,目前在安空市場佔有率 仍然最大(約七成),IP監控系統隨著網路應用環境及數位高清(high Definition)技術的發展,這幾年成長最快,但對於傳統閉路電視安裝者而言網路太過專業與複雜,維護成本過高,而且在多路高清攝影機的環境下,對 頻寬之穩定性亦存有疑慮,因此市場的拓展遇到傳統安裝習慣的心理阻力;至於韓國業者推出的HDcctv架構(HD-SDI),傳輸線亦使用同軸電纜,傳輸 信號不壓縮,有即時性影像的優點,但其資料量大約是一般類比攝影機的數倍,相應的儲存設備需很大的容量,造成很大的成本負擔,這是很難普及至應用市場的真 正原因。



Analog CCTV


HDcctv (HD-SDI)



Video Format





















Cable Requirement



需特選高品質同軸電纜(e.g. RG6)

  • 一般同軸電纜
  • 雙絞線
  • 無線傳輸











PAL or NTSC x1

10baseT: SD x1

100baseT: HDx4

1GBaseT: HD x40?

HD x1

HD x 172

佈線成本Cable Cost



會因信號負載而隨機改變,在較大網路中IP Camera的畫面傳送就可能受到考驗














1. 升級市場:全球既存攝影機有4億支,大部分類比攝影機需要升級到高清數位,ccHDtv是目前升級市場唯一最佳解決方案
2. 新建市場:除了能取代類比市場版圖又能與IP-base監視系統結合,以發展需要海量資料處理或複雜運算的高端應用市場產品,高低階產品市場皆涵蓋
3. 新增市場:有線電視數位化是各國趨勢,ccHDtv可運用於home security,增加有線電視業者在居家安全監視的附加服務,如果價格合理具誘因,應可以刺激廣大的家庭需求





ITE complies with Taiwan’s Personal Information Protection Act to collect, process, use and protect personal information and will not take the initiative to acquire your personal data. The data you provide will be managed in compliant with the related laws and regulations and in the principle of our company’s information management, which employs the firewall, intrusion detecting system and virus protection mechanism to avoid the illegal hacking and damage from the malicious software.