Video Link / HDMI

IT66317 : HDMI2.0(6.0Gbps) Re-timer Buffer (Source Application)

IT66317 is a single-in, single-out HDMI 2.0 retiming buffer that supports a signaling rate of up to 6.0Gbps. It is compliant to the latest HDMI 2.0a specification and backward compatible to HDMI1.4 specification. With 6.0Gbps capability, IT66317 can support ultra-high resolution content stream, such as 4Kx2K @ 60Hz format. At extremely high data rate like this, signal quality drops significantly with extended board trace or cable length, making an additional retiming buffer necessary in many systems.

 The IT66317 equalizes incoming TMDS signal to optimal and outputs retimed data to downstream sinks. The highly acclaimed equalization technology of ITE TECH. INC. provides for support of long or low-quality HDMI cables at even the highest speeds. Input terminations of the TMDS inputs and output terminations and current levels are both detachable and programmable.

 Active DDC buffer is employed in IT66317 to completely isolate downstream DDC loading from upstream source, while communication on the DDC bus not affected, including backward Read Request feature defined in HDMI2.0.

 With embedded MCU and Flash, IT66317 is easy to be programmed thru the ISP interface, and MCU control the IT66317 via I2C serial interface, PCSCL/PCSDA automatically, it can reduce customer development and programming efforts, and need no external Flash and MCU, can save the BOM cost and board size.


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