Video Link / HDMI

IT6635 : 4 IN to 1 OUT HDMI2.0 18Gb/s Re-Timer Switch

The IT6635 is a HDMI2.0 4 IN to 1 OUT re-timer switch which supports maximum signaling rate up to 6Gbps/channel. It is compliant to the latest HDMI2.0b specification and backward compatible to the HDMI1.4 and DVI specifications. With 6Gbps/channel capability, the IT6635 can support ultra-high resolution content streams, such as 4Kx2K@50/60Hz video formats. With the re-timer structure, the IT6635 can support superior performance for long cable application.

All 4 input ports and 1 output port support HDMI2.0 data rate up to 18Gb/s.

The IT6635 also provides a complete solution of Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) function. This optional CEC feature of HDMI specification allows the user to control two or more CEC-enabled devices through HDMI network. With IT6635 embedded CEC PHY, user can use high-level software API to easily implement all the necessary remote control commands. The CEC bus related protocol is handled by the CEC PHY which eliminates extra loading of the MCU.



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