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IT6695: Single Chip HDMI to VGA Converter with Embedded MCU

The IT6695FN is a high-performance single-chip HDMI to VGA converter. Combined with HDMI 1.4b receiver and triple DACs, the IT6695FN supports HDMI input and VGA output by conversion function. The build-in HDMI receiver is fully compliant with and HDMI 1.4b specification. With HDMI 1.4b receiver, the IT6695FN can support resolutions up to Full HD ( 1080P ), WUXGA and UXGA. Also the build-in triple DACs can support up to 10 bit deep colors.


The single chip IT6695 FN provides high performance, cost effective, HDMI to VGA conversion function, and it can help modern NB s like ultrabooks and tablets to be compatible with traditional VGA only projectors, monitors, and TVs.


With Embedded MCU and Flash, IT6695 FN is easy to program thru the ISP interface. Customers need no external Flash and MCU to save the BOM cost and board size.


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