Video Link / DisplayPort

IT6505E DisplayPort 1.1a Transmitter (The World’s First DP CTS 1.1 Source Device Certified) , DisplayPort

The IT6505 is a high-performance DisplayPort 1.1a transmitter, fully compliant with DisplayPort 1.1a, HDCP 1.3 specifications. The IT6505 supports color depth of up to 36 bits (12 bits/color) and ensures robust transmission of high-quality uncompressed video content, along with uncompressed and compressed digital audio content.

Aside from the various video output formats supported, the IT6505 also encodes and transmits up to 8 channels of I2S digital audio, with sampling rate up to 192kHz and sample size up to 24 bits. In addition, an S/PDIF input port takes in compressed audio of up to 192kHz frame rate.

Each IT6505 chip comes preprogrammed with an unique HDCP key, in compliance with the HDCP 1.3 standard so as to provide secure transmission of high-definition content. Users of the IT6505 need not purchase any HDCP keys or ROMs.


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