PC I/O & EC / PC Product Line

IT8888F/G PCI to ISA Bridge Chip

The IT8888F/G is a PCI to ISA bridge single function device. The IT8888F/G
serves as a bridge between the PCI bus and ISA bus. The IT8888F/G’s 32-bit PCI
bus interface is compliant with PCI Specification V2.1 and supports both PCI Bus
Master & Slave. The PCI interface supports both programmable positive and full
subtractive decoding schemes.
The IT8888F/G also integrates two enhanced DMA Slave controllers for achieving
PCI DMA cycles: PC/PCI DMASlave Controller & Distributed DMA Slave Controllers.
The device also contains one SM bus (single master mode) which can be connected
to a Serial E2PROM for automatic power-on configuration. ITE’s proprietary (USA
& Taiwan patent pending) power-on auto-configuration through SM bus can provide
customer with maximum design flexibility. The IT8888F/G also implements the
optional fast positive decode of F, E, D, C memory segments. This special
feature can provide a direct connection to an FALSH boot ROM.
The NOGO function, which is also implemented in the IT8888F/G for enabling or
disabling subtractive decode of PCI interface could be a software controlled
output pin from other host controlled devices. The Serial IRQ is also
implemented in the device for sending and receiving ISA IRQs & IOCHCK#. The
device includes an ISA interface which supports full ISA compatible functions.

The IT8888G is available in 160-ball TFBGA package.
The IT8888F is available in 160-pin PQFP package.


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