Video Link / MIPI

IT6616: HDMI1.4 to MIPI CSI/DSI Converter

IT6616 is a high performance HDMI-to-MIPI video converter. It integrates an HDMI 1.4 receiver and a dual-mode MIPI CSI/DSI transmitter with MIPI D-PHY. For AR/VR, mobile or other display applications that require to translating HDMI protocol to MIPI CSI/DSI output, the IT6616 is an optimized low power and high quality solution.

The HDMI1.4 RX of IT6616 supports a data rate of up to 3Gbs per channel, whereas the MIPI-CSI/DSI TX of IT6616 supports a data rate of up to 2.0Gbs per lane. Conversion of high resolution video signals such as 4k2k@30Hz 444 or 4k2k@60Hz 420 could be easily achieved by the high bandwidth of IT6616. Moreover, the highly acclaimed equalization technology of ITE TECH. INC. on HDMI1.4 RX provides for support of long or low-quality HDMI cables at even the highest speeds. With the equalizing and retiming function inside IT6616, output of MIPI signals from IT6616 are clean and optimized for downstream MIPI sink to receive.

The IT6616 is capable of separating audio content in various formats from HDMI input stream, including I2S, DSD, SPDIF, HBR, and so on. According to the source, 8-channel I2S, 6-channel DSD audio, or SPDIF data may be output to peripheral audio processors or DACs.

To achieve a friendly remote control environment, the IT6616 provides a complete solution of HDMI CEC function. With IT6616’s embedded CEC/RCP hardware, developers could use high-level software API to implement all the necessary remote control commands easily.

The IT6616 is compliant to HDMI1.4b, MIPI DSI Version 1.1, MIPI CSI-2 Version 1.3, and MIPI D-PHY Version 1.2. It supports color space conversion from RGB to YUV444/422 and vice versa. Varies RGB/YUV video formats could be transmitted by MIPI CSI/DSI TX. It may also bypass YUV 420 signal to MIPI output. Users could adopt 1/2/4 lane MIPI links if the total bandwidth is enough to transmit the video content.

The IT6616 is configured and controlled via I2C bus. It operates with 1.2V and 3.3V power supply.

The IT6616 is packed in 56-pin 8x8 QFN package.